Keep the Bar Service Refreshed and Frosty with the Right Bar Equipment

Regardless of what type of bar service you offer, having the proper bar equipment is key to smooth service. RSU can help you organize your bar service area with the best equipment to fit your business needs.

Beverage facilities are an important part of any professional food service establishment. The lounge area, where drinks are served to customers waiting to be seated, makes a critical first impression! From speed rails to back bar coolers, find out what bar what bar equipment is best suited for your business needs.

Bar Equipment

Know What Cooking Equipment to Include in Your Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens will be producing food for large numbers of consumers every day. The cooking equipment you choose will form the backbone of your busy kitchen. But with the vast selection available, new and even seasoned restaurateurs may find this process quite intimidating.

Understanding your type of food service and the flow of your kitchen will help you to distinguish among the different cooking equipment. Choosing between hotplates and ranges or the many types of fryers won't be a chore when you know what cooking equipment to include in your commercial kitchen.

Cooking Equipment

Equipment Stands Have More Functions than Meet the Eye.

Equipment stands are for much more than just holding cooking equipment. For one thing, many are on castors, so they can be easily wheeled from one workstation to another in order to accommodate the activity going on in the kitchen. What's more, they are strong enough to carry heavy equipment ranging from mixers to cheese melters.

Cooking equipment without their own mounted bases often rely on equipment stands to act as their legs. The variety of equipment stand height available means kitchen staff can easily control the equipment at a comfortable height without having to bend down. Find out more about all the different useful functions of equipment stands.

Equipment Stands

Increase Your Kitchen’s Efficiency by Choosing the Right Food Prep Equipment

One of the most time consuming yet important duties in any commercial kitchen is food preparation. Choosing the proper food preparation equipment for your kitchen's needs is a must for any successful food service provider. Precisely cut, slice, peel and mix with the appropriate professional blenders, slicers and grinders.

Your kitchen staff can consistently accomplish these detailed tasks to cope with the high volume of a busy kitchen. Food prep equipment may appear similar at first glance, but the different types in each category will have its own contribution to a lively cooking environment. Mobilize your food prep staff with more efficiency by choosing the right food prep equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Food Prep

Complete Guide to Commercial Ice Equipment

Ice is the number one consumer food and is ever present in any restaurant, regardless of its type of service. However, its importance is often undervalued. From food prep to serving drinks on ice, eateries need to have reliable ice equipment in order to smoothly run their day to day operations. Understanding the type of ice you want to produce in your kitchen is the first step in deciding whether a large ice maker or a simple ice bin is the right ice equipment for your establishment.

When shopping for ice equipment, some things to consider are ice size and shape, storage options and type of condenser to fulfill your operations' needs. Here is a complete guide of the different types of ice equipment to find the right one for your outlet's needs.

Ice Equipment

Stay Chilled with the Right Refrigeration Unit

A reliable and efficient commercial refrigeration unit is essential for any professional food service provider. From reach-in refrigerators to display cases, finding the right unit for your kitchen may seem daunting, but RSU can help you find the perfect refrigeration unit to keep you and your customers happy.

The refrigerator is the absolutely necessary equipment for keeping meat and produce fresh behind the scenes before being served to your guests. Understanding the flow of your floor plan will help you decide on the best option to invest in for the greatest benefit to your business.

Let RSU help you choose the best commercial refrigeration unit for your business needs.


How to Make Your Commercial Kitchen More Efficient with Shelves

High functioning commercial kitchens need to stay organized in order to maximize productivity. When supply is within reach, kitchen staff can perform their duties with confidence. Certain types of foodservice shelves with casters serve to mobilize the workspace while others may also function as partitions.

When purchasing the right foodservice shelf for your establishment, some important factors to consider include material, size and goods to be stored. Configuration of the kitchen equipment can be made more efficient with fitted shelves to support your kitchen crew.


Choosing the Right Dishwashing Equipment Can Turn a Dirty Job into an Efficient One.

Often, keeping the dinnerware and smallware clean, is as important as the food served on them. Finding the best commercial sink and faucets for your establishment are essential for maintaining high sanitary standards. Your scale of service can help to determine whether one, two or three compartment sinks are enough to accommodate the demands of your kitchen.

When choosing sinks and faucets, water flow, drainage systems, shapes and sizes are all things to consider. Staff safety and health department requirements may also play a part in the type of dishwashing equipment you finally choose. But you don't need to feel intimidated - with our tips for configuring your dishwashing stations, we can help to find the perfect dishwashing equipment to best suit your commercial kitchen's needs.

Sinks & Faucets

Simple Worktables can Make All the Difference in Improving Productivity

Worktables are a great way to streamline the operation of busy commercial kitchens. Whether they are used for extending the countertop, or as a home for food prep equipment, they are a practical and effective way to improve efficiency.

Not to be confused with equipment stands, worktables are not suited for bearing the weight of heavy cooking equipment such as charbroilers or griddles. However, they come in a large variety of height and weight which makes them extremely versatile. In fact, finding the right worktable can make all the difference in improving productivity in the kitchen.

Work Tables

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